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Power Rich (112013)

Power Rich

It's never too early, and never too late, to begin a program of optimizing skin care. With this in mind, Dermalogica introduces POWER RICH™, the new maximum intensity skin cream with exclusive acid-free technology which improves skin firmness and texture even before the first visible signs of aging appear. Around age 30, depending upon genetics and lifestyle, four specific changes affecting the skin commence simultaneously.

Facial fat thins out, cell turnover slows down, the spongy protein called collagen begins to lose its bounce, and the stretchy fiber known as elastin begins to weaken, losing its ability to "snap back" into place. The overall texture of the skin's tissue becomes softer and looser, and the skin's surface may become dull as the result of slower cell renewal. While only surgery can fully disguise these classic characteristics of age, POWER RICH stimulates cell renewal and enhances cell turnover while reinforcing the skin's ability to combat dehydration. This powerful restructurizing cream provides intense smoothing and structural support to the epidermis and dermis, and treats the loss of strength, and elasticity.

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