Facials & Skin Care

An individual skin analysis will be performed to determine the best treatment to benefit your skin. Every facial is then specifically customized for your individual skin type and condition. More than an occasional indulgence; regular facials balance, tone, and hydrate your skin, maintaining this often neglected vital organ.

Our goal is to promote healthy, beautiful, radiant skin while nourishing and relaxing the inner self.

Ultimate European Facial

Relax and enjoy as your skin is deeply cleansed, refined, nourished, and absolutely revitalized! Includes cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, deep follicle cleansing, aromatherapy acupressure massage to the face, décolleté, upper back, neck, treatment serum, masque, and moisturizing. A relaxing foot or hand treatment completes this experience.

One & a Half Hours (90 mins) $90

Aromatherapy Facial

Relaxing, restoring, and rejuvenating!                                                                   

One Hour (60 mins) $65

Clarifying Facial

A treatment for deep cleansing of the pores and control of acne. Includes cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, deep follicle cleansing, treatment serum, masque, and nourishing.

One Hour (60 mins) $65

Express Facial

For the busy individual with no extra time. Cleansing, a strong exfoliant, and off you go!

Thirty Minutes (30 mins) $35

Glycolic Peel

A natural peel derived from the sugarcane plant. Very effective in removing cellular debris and fine lines, renews aging skin, and reduces hyperpigmentation. You will see and feel the results! Best results if done in a series of six treatments (- $300.00 if paid in advanced).

Silky Smooth Hair Removal

Waxing temporarily removes unwanted hair for up to four weeks without the rough stubble one experiences with shaving!


Each massage may include any of the following techniques: Swedish Massage, Deep & Soft Tissue Massage, Pressure Point Therapy, Stretching Techniques, and Myofacial Release.

During your session, you will be modestly draped between two clean sheets, only uncovering the extremity or area to be worked on at that time.

After your session it is very important that you drink plenty of water to help dilute the toxins that have been released from your muscles.

Relax and enjoy the power of touch!

River Massage

Enjoy a relaxing therapeutic massage in soft sheets with beautiful sounds and essential oils, next to the River; to create a customized treatment only for you!

Half Hour (30 mins) $35
One Hour (60 mins) $60
One & a Half Hours (90 mins) $80

Hand & Feet

Spa Pedicure

Relax in luxury, as your feet are pampered in a comfortable setting. This wonderful pedicure includes a warm footbath, mask, soothing massage from the tips of your toes to your knees, toe detail, and polish. The ultimate in pedicures. A must for all!

One & a Half Hours (90 mins) $45

Spa Manicure

Indulge your hands with this lovely manicure that includes a shaping of your nails, warm soak, conditioning of cuticles, massage from your fingertips to your elbows, and your choice of polish. Your hands will thank you!

Approx. One Hour (60 mins) $30

Use of Gel Polish or Dipping Polish

Just Polish Change

Nail Art

Nail Repair

Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent make-up is the beauty breakthrough for the new millennium. Women and men of all ages and backgrounds benefit from permanent make-up procedures such as eyebrows, eyeliner, and full lip color. All procedures are done with a specialized anesthetic technique to ensure that your experience is pain free.


Imagine perfect hair stroke eyebrows that won’t smudge or rub off. Through a process called hair simulations, soft feathered eyebrows can be created to your specification and color. It’s hard to tell that it’s not real hair!


Save 15 minutes a day, or 92 hours a year, from application of your regular make-up! Liner at the hair follicle line produces a lash thickening effect.

2 Sessions (Thick lines are charged additional fee upper & lower ) $450


Lips can be shaped and contoured with your choice of color.

Fiberglass Nails & Other Services


Accentuate your slim, natural looking nails with our light, flexible, and durable fiberglass nails.